• Variety: Male F1B
  • Color: Red, B?ee (should carry parti)
  • Coat: Soft Wavy Fleece, non-shedding
  • Size: Lg Miniature 17″ tall and approx. 25 lbs.
  • Health Clearances: PennHip 70th, OFA Excellent, OFA Elbows, CERF, Cardiac, PRA – Clear, von Willebrands – Clear, Patellas and Thyroid.

“Romeo” is the new red headed stud muffin that is so easy to have around! He loves every person and every dog he meets up with! He’s very stout with great boning. Romeo is a sweet loving, affectionate, yet confident guy with a soft Fleece coat to pass along to his puppies! He’s smart, loves his squeaky toys, loves to play fetch and loves human companionship…the perfect family member! Every time he goes to the Vet’s office…they all comment on how sweet he is! Romeo will produce some outstanding sound puppies for us while adding new lines! Dehler’s Buddy Boy Romeo is co-owned with Maine Coast Labradoodles and Adorable Downeast Labradoodles and lives with his Guardian family in Maine.

Philosopher Turcotti

  • Variety: Male F3
  • Color: Apricot, Bbee (will produce red, apricot, chocolate and blacks and should carry for parti)
  • Coat: Fleece (single coat), non-shedding
  • Size: Medium 19 1/2″ and 35 lbs.
  • Health Clearances: PennHIP , OFA Good, Elbows, CERF, Patellas, Cardiac, PRA Clear , von Willebrands Clear and Thyroid.

Philosopher is certainly a show stopper…he draws attention everywhere he goes! He is referred to by everyone that meets him as a little Teddy Bear. He’s simply the friendliest dog you’ll ever meet and a real cuddle-bug! He is a very loyal dog but loves everyone he meets! Philosopher loves the outdoors and playing with children or other dogs! He has the most stunning coat you’ll find in a Labradoodle and it’s so easy to maintain. Philosopher Turcotti lives in a Guardian home with the Davis family.

Rocco Cappuccino

  • Variety: ALF3
  • Color: Darkest Red I’ve ever seen!, Bbee (carries for dark red and chocolate)
  • Coat: Soft Fleece, with big loopy curls, non-shedding
  • Size:20″ tall and 50 lbs.
  • Health Clearances:PennHIP 80%, OFA Good, OFA Elbows, CERF, Cardiac, PRA Clear by parentage, von Willebrands by parentage, Patellas and Thyroid.

“Cappuccino”…he’s one of the darkest RED Labradoodle you’ll ever see! Most people say they love how dark chocolate Cappuccino is…but he’s not chocolate, just dark RED! Cappy is the life of the party when there are lots of other dogs around! He is playful, loveable and fantastic with kids…he takes lots of kisses and hugs from toddlers! Cappy loves a morning stroll and even more a swim in the lake…he’d swim all day if you’d let him but his favorite thing to do is snuggle up with mom and dad at the end of the day. He’s the results of all our wonderful red lines…brought together! Cappy is very square, has great boning, ultra soft beyond words and definitely Therapy material! He was the perfect combination of his beautiful Australian mama “Ceilo” and his mellow, stocky daddy “Rocco”. He is the Best of the Best and we look forward to his beautiful puppies. Cappy lives with the most awesome Christian couple, whom we think of as family. They say “words can’t express the joy Cappy brings…he’s a true sweet soul! God Blessed us when he brought Brett and Lisa into our lives. They have Cappy and our Cosmo and sit for most of the Labradoodles in the Charlotte area. I don’t know who’s more Blessed us or Cappy and Cosmo!

Rocco Bellagio

  • Variety: Male F1B
  • Color: Dark Red, BBee
  • Coat: Soft Curly Fleece, non-shedding
  • Size: 17″ tall and 30 lbs.
  • Health Clearances: PennHIP, OFA Good, Elbows, CERF, Cardiac, PRA Clear by parentage, von Willebrands by parentage, Patellas and Thyroid.

“Rocco” is one very, very red bundle of joy! He has the desire to please and is content to follow you where ever you go. He loves to lay by your feet and just wants to be your companion! He is very intelligent and intuitive too! He is turning heads every where he goes…they say he looks like the perfect stuffed animal! His Vet has just fallen in love with Rocco! Rocco lives with his Guardian family.

Cosmo de’ Medici

  • Variety: Male F1B
  • Color: Black, BBEe (will produce red, apricot and blacks)
  • Coat: Fleece (single coat), non-shedding
  • Size: Medium 19″ and 38 lbs.
  • Health Clearances: PennHIP 90th Percentile, OFA Good, Elbows, CERF, Cardiac, PRA Clear, von Willebrands Clear and Thyroid.

“Cosmo” is a dream dog…as good as they come! He’s smart, so sweet in nature but his best attribute is his temperament. Cosmo has a perfect black fleece coat with super conformation and saber tail. His daddy is a very dark red Miniature Poodle from new lines so he’ll add new lines for us and produce dark red puppies with dark black pigment. Cosmo lives in a Guardian home and they are so in love with him!

Arboreo Steinway

  • Variety: Male F3
  • Color: Black, BbEe (red, apricot, chocolate, black and phantoms)
  • Coat: Fleece (single coat), non-shedding
  • Size:Medium 18 1/2″ and 32 lbs.
  • Health Clearances: PennHIP 90%, OFA Prelim, Elbows, CERF, Patellas, Cardiac, PRA Clear by parentage, von Willebrands Clear by parentage and Thyroid.

Named Steinway because he reminded us of a shiny black Steinway piano! We just LOVE his stunning JET BLACK coat…I promise, if you see it, you’ll want one! He is the calmest and sweetest male we have at Tuscan Ridge…he’s definitely Therapy material! Steinway is “Philosopher’s son” and has inherited that awesome straighter wavy Fleece coat that everyone wants! He’s the BEST family dog…so well mannered and very obedient! Steinway is the hit of the neighborhood…he sits on the edge of his driveway and greets all the neighborhood walkers. Everyone looks for Steinway as they pass his house hoping to get some of his loving…he is a huge lover! He has regular play dates with his neighborhood buddies…he’s a friend to everyone! Steinway is truly loved by everyone who meets him! He loves being with his Guardian family and their children “the Katinas” and they absolute LOVE and adore him! They say anyone will be very BLESSED to have a Steinway puppy!

Bravo Gianni

  • Variety: Male, multi-gen F3
  • Color: Black/Blue and White Parti – BBee (does not carry for chocolate).
  • Coat: Perfect Fleece, allergy friendly
  • Size:Small Medium 18″ tall, 32 lbs.
  • Health Clearances: PennHIP 100%, OFA Final Excellent & OFA Elbows-Normal, Cardiac, Pattellas, CERF, Thyroid, PRA Clear and von Willebrands Clear.

Gianni mean’s “God is Gracious”…and he’s certainly a Blessing in our program! His hips are the BEST you can hope for with both PennHIP & OFA testing…God was Gracious as his the meaning of his name! Gianni is an absolute dream companion with a wonderful temperament! He loves to play with children or any other dog that will play. Gianni is a cuddler, very smart, and will happily back into you to get his back rubbed. He loves riding in the car, playing with his toys, swimming in the lake; diving to the bottom to get his Frisbee, and running in the yard. Gianni looks a lot like his sister Tali who is also parti colored. When his coat is long he looks like an Old English Sheep dog. Gianni lives in a Guardian Home with the Granata’s.