Morocca d’ Amore

“Morocca” is just what a breeder breeds for. She’s very calm, smart has a beautiful rich red fleece coat with a saber tail. She inherited her daddy’s thick boning. Morocca is very faithful dog and nicely confident. You don’t have to tell Morocca what you want her to do, she just knows…it’s like she can read your mind. She certainly turns heads where ever she goes. Morocca is the perfect companion and we feel so blessed to have her to love!

petpartnerslogowebcaningoodcitizenssmallRaffaella Carra

  • Variety: Female F2
  • Color: Red, BBee
  • Coat: Fleece, non-shedding
  • Size: Large Miniature 17 1/2″ tall, 28 lbs.
  • Health Clearances:PennHIP 100%, OFA Good, Elbows, Cardiac, Patellas, CERF, Thyroid, PRA and von Willebrands by parentage
  • Canine Good Citizen Certified and Pet Partners Certified

“Raffaella” means “God has healed” in Italian…and Raffa is healing hearts as a working Pet Partners Certified Therapy Dog. Raffa is another perfect example of what a breeder strives for! She has a Labby head that everyone desires, the most perfect luscious Fleece coat that she inherited that from her daddy “Philosopher” and perfect hips…PennHIP 100% (as good as it gets)! Raffa lights up every room that she enters. She has the perfect career as a therapy dog with “Paws on a Mission”, where she brings endless joy to everyone she meets. She is so expressive and knows well how to communicate without words. People of all ages are drawn to her, as she makes everyone feels that they are the center of her universe…resulting in everyone wanting to take her home! Raffa’s goal in life is to please and is a true pleasure to be around! ! She loves living in mountains of Asheville with her Guardian mama and 3 cats who adore her. Raffa is just a constant reminder of God’s love and we so look forward to her puppies!

Grassi d’Italia

  • Variety: Female, multi-gen F3
  • Color: Black/Blue and White Parti (carries all colors)
  • Coat: Perfect Fleece, allergy friendly
  • Size: Lg. Miniature/Small Medium 17 1/2″ tall, 31 lbs.
  • Health Clearances: PennHIP 80%, OFA prelim Good & Elbows, Cardiac, Pattellas, CERF, Thyroid, PRA Clear and von Willebrands Clear

Named “Grassi d’Italia” but called Tali! I just love her parti markings that looks like an Old English Sheep dog! She is just the sweetest and most cuddly…with a delightful spirit! Tali is a wonderful companion to her Guardian mama and her two doggies siblings! She loves to play with all the dogs in the neighborhood or the Dog Park…they are all her friends! Tali’s a great swimmer…loves to swim in the lake. It’s one of her favorite things to do on a warm day! We are excited about the lovely temperaments Tali will produce in a variety of colors!

Bella Rocca

  • Variety: Female Australian F2
  • Color: Chocolate/Cafe, bbEe
  • Coat: Wavy Fleece, non-shedding
  • Size: Medium 20″ tall, 40 lbs.
  • Health Clearances: OFA Excellent, Elbows, CERF, Patellas, Cardiac, PRA Normal/Clear and von Willebrands Clear.

“Bella Rocca” means “beautiful chocolate” in Italian and…don’t you agree! She is a one very laid back, easy going…with a true Therapy type temperament! Bella Rocca’s content to hang out with the family and just chill. I’d call her a true “Fireside Dog! She loves to go for car ridges or to pick the kids up at school. What a pleasure it is to have Bella Rocca visit. I wish I had kept her here at Tuscan Ridge! Bella Rocca is as good as they come…a five star Labradoodle all the way! Bella Rocca’s puppies will be multi-gens and we look forward to her Chocolate Truffles! Even though she’s our Italian model…she speaks with a little British accent like her Guardian family…the Ridgway’s! :+)

Gianna Gucci “GiGi”

  • Variety: Female, Australian multi-gen ALF3
  • Color: Red, Bbee (can produce reds, apricots and chocolates)
  • Coat: Perfect silky Fleece, non-shedding
  • Size: Medium 19″ tall, 36 lbs (large medium)
  • Health Clearances: PennHIP better than 90%, OFA Hip Excellent, OFA Elbows, CERF, Thyroid, Cardiac, Patellas, PRA Clear and von Willebrands by parentage.

Mia hearts a Blazin’

  • Variety: Female Australian multi-gen (New Australian line)
  • Color: Apricot/Cream, BbEe (carries for parti)
  • Coat: Fleece, Allergy-Friendly
  • Size: Small Standard 20 1/2″ tall, 48 lbs.
  • Health Clearances: PennHIP 80% OFA Good, OFA Elbows, CERF, PRA Normal/Clear by parentage, Cardiac and von Willebrands by parentage.